I have build  a very easy active antenna designed by PA0RDT.
I placed it into a little milk bottle on the top of a fiberglass mast about 8m above the ground.
Results are very surprising. The antenna gives excellent results between 9Kz and 3600Khz. (picture from internet)
pa0rdt Mini Whip 5
Electronic schema here
pa0rdt antenna
pa0rdt Mini Whip 4
PCB layout
pa0rdt Mini Whip 2
Installation schema
pa0rdt Mini Whip 3
1) This antenna MUST be installed on a non-metallic pole.
2) To be efficient the antenna must be installed at least 35-45 foot high (12m -15m)
3) The antenna must be kept away around 70 feet (20-25m) of surrounding  buildings, it doesn't works inside buildings.
4) The shield of the coaxial cable will be grounded with a earth stack at the bottom of the pole.
ON8IM PA0RDT active antenna 01  
 ON8IM PA0RDT active antenna 02