This antenna is made with a classic hentenna where a reflector has been added
Comparing a 3 elements squeletton antenna, the gain is similar but the front-back ratio is less.
HEN+ Reflector => Formawrd Gain 11.52 dBi   F/B : 12.08 dB
3 el. squeleton antenna => forward gain 11.29 dBi  F/B : 19.46 dB
Mechanica construction is more easy.
The dimensions are those given in the DK7ZB page.

Modeling (Mmana-Gal) :

Frequency : 50.100 Mhz
Elements : tube Alu 12mm

Segments numbering:

hen antenna with reflector



Antenne hen reflecteur calcul


Far Fields

 Antenne hen reflecteur far fieldsl

3D Far Fields

Antenne hen reflecteur far fieldsl 3D

Dowload the antenna mmana file here


Practical construction and assembly:


  • Tube alu dia. 9 ou 12 mm
  • Plexiglass plate : 200 mm X 50 mm
  • Screw + Bloking nuts  + Washers  M4
  • TV antenna assembly parts  (elements-boom)

ON8IM hen antenna with reflector 001ON8IM hen antenna with reflector 002ON8IM hen antenna with reflector 003
 antenne hen reflecteur assembalge 001antenne hen reflecteur assembalge 002